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An OMG Sanitized professional is your answer!  We have very bad enemies to fight but, first know that OMG will not harm you.  Our products are EPA registered, biodegradable, and leave no toxic residue.  Our mission is to safely defeat the indoor environmental hazards in your home, school, day care, workplace, restaurant, gym, or medical facility.  We provide a safe and healthy indoor environment that everyone enjoys.

Odor Removal ServiceWe destroy ODORS at the source, and solve the problems that threaten your happy home or office.  After all, odors are nature's way of telling us there is something DANGEROUS around us.  Like a skunk, odors warn us not to kick it.  Like a rotten tomato ... your acting is really, really bad.  Like a garbage bin ... that is not a good place to eat.

Okay, you love your pets ... but hate the smell.  You like to smoke, but it stinks up your house.  You may love curry in your food, but when you sell a "Curry House", some realtors suggest you burn the place down because curry smell is very hard to remove.  

Remove MoldMOLD gives off an odor too, but also sends out spores and mycotoxics.  Mold is one of the most common health and safety villains we encounter.  But, don't try to handle this on your own.  Unless you do it right, it will return with a vengeance.  

To fight mold, you need to know its secrets and where it draws its power.  (It's water)  Then, you can't just clean mold off.  You must kill is down to the roots.  Some mold is bothersome (allergenic), but other types of mold can make you sick (toxigenic).  So, we bring the power of OMG Sanitized to the job treating every aspect of the invasive army.

Infection PreventionWe really hate GERMS!  They attack by the billions, and they can ruin the reputation of your restaurant or gym.  And, did you know that even daily cleaning will not stop the attack on your family, students, workers, or patrons?  Even that sanitizer spray is nearly useless.  We have these really cool backpacks, ray guns, and secret stuff that kills germs at a 99.99999% effectiveness.



OMG Sanitized

Remediation Service HeroAs a member of our network of heroes, we bring some amazing tools to your community.  At the core is our Decon Five product, and this proprietary product is nothing short of amazing.  Hence the OMG for Odors, Mold, and Germs.  These three threats are overwhelming your community, harming their health, and ruining their possessions.  As a local OMG Sanitized service in your area, you are a what people need, whether they know it or not.

We actually do more than odors, mold, and germs.  You will have the tools, training, and support to solves a lot of problems.  Pet odors in the carpet, mold in the basement, bad air that aggravates people with asthma, allergies, and serious diseases.  When the next dread disease comes around, you have a fantastic tool to literally sanitize large building, schools, and theaters with just one person and our amazing backpack system.

You not only take the stink out of gyms and sports locker rooms, you destroy fungus, skin diseases, and keep disease from spreading to others.  For restaurants, you show them how to prevent food-borne sickness that harm their customers, and their reputation.  You can quickly sanitize a day care facility from the constant rounds of community diseases.  

So, here's the offer....

Whether you have a service program, or you want to get started, we want to hear from you.  Much of what we offer is proprietary, so you will not see unexpected competition nipping at your heals.  We have a nearly unlimited marketplace that is constant needing rescue.  And, it doesn't cost much to get connected.  This is not a franchise, you are buying a fully developed business program that allows you to start fast, grow fast, and expand anytime you like.   Call or email Mark Tipton from our CONTACT Page.