Air Duct Cleaning and Odor Removal

Air Duct Cleaning and Odor RemovalIt is a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned, but is that enough to freshen the air and get rid of odd odors in your home?  Unwelcome odors are a common problem for many homes and building, and they can accumulate and fester in the air ducts.  The air in your house travels through the air ducts many times a day, so the air ducts hold a collection of everything that happens in your house.  

We find dust, debris, mold, pollen, ash, and bacteria that can eventually accumulate a half-inch coating of latent problems over the years.  It is no wonder thant odor removal should include air duct cleaning.  But, the proper way to solve odor problems is to treat the whole house as well as the air ducts.  

The air ducts represent about 1% of the air space or surfaces in the house.  So, while the air duct may be neglected, odors are frankly everywhere.  Pets, for example, are a whole house odor issue.  The carpet is probably a big part of the odor puzzle.  Smoke odors cling to walls, drapes, and furniture.  Allergen threats are loaded into the dust throughout the house.  Insect parts, insect droppings, and chemical residue are in the living spaces of your home.

When we realize that the air ducts are 1% of the problem area, they are a real but smaller part of the full solution.  So, the OMG Sanitized air duct cleaning services removal the odor and allergen threat from 100% of the building.

OMG Sanitized will clean the air duct, clean the carpet, and spray treat the whole house.  Any odor removal service should treat the whole house to permanently odors, allergens, and chemical pollution.  Our service is a complete Sanitizing, Detoxification, Deodorizing, and decontamination process that neutralizes the most common issues that affect our happiness, health, and quality of life.  We use biodegradable products that leave no toxic residue.  It is also approved for HVAC and air duct systems.

All of this falls in the area of Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ.  Most of can tolerate dust and pollution in the are, but others are much more sensitive.  So, the average person will notice a bad smell that needs attention.  Those with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, or health problems may struggle with airborne threats that others can easily ignore.  The ability to detoxify and decontaminate a home is actually just as important solving an odor problem.

Our treatment literally strips the air of the particles, pollution, and infectious threats.  After a OMG Sanitized treatment our customers report that they now sleep better, breathe easier, and feel better.  That is because your body isn't fighting off the ambient health burdens in the house.  Experts refer to the "Bioload" of a building which constitutes all the problems in the air and clinging to surfaces.  A lot of dust can increase the bioload.  So can problems with insects.  Cigarette smoking certainly increases the bioload.  Even burning candles, incense, and spraying aerosols affect the pollution in the air.

Bioload is most used by those who keep aquariums.  In this closed environment, the health of the fish are directly related to the water they are living in and breathing from.  An aquarium is a smaller microcosm of what a building may represent, it is still a great way to understand how people can poison their own environment.