Remove Mold on Boat

Removing Mold boat interiorMichael Busch used Decon Five to clean the mold-covered interior of a boat that has been very neglected.  In the first picture, you see that the mold was just plain awful.  As many know, removing the mold is only half the battle.  The discoloration is even harder to solve.  Mike reports that this was his first time using Decon Five, and this was a very big test of this product.  The pictures speak for themslevles.

How to Remove Apartment Odors

Anyone in property management knows that challenge of vacant apartments, condos, and rental property.  One of the consistent issues is apartment odors.  By this point, you have probably learned that carpet cleaning and new paint are inadequate solutions.  The worst thing you can do for smoking, curry, and pet odors is to "Paint Over Bad Smells".  That only traps these smells and those smells will stay in the apartment for years.

How to Remove Real Estate Odors

Every real estate agent and real estate investor has walked into a recent real estate acquisition to be greeted by some odd and unfriendly smells.  It is obvious that bad smells will slow the sale and hurt the sale price, but don't just mask the odors with potpourri or fragrance plug-ins.  There is an effective and permanent way to quickly get rid of foul odors, years of abuse, kill mold and mildew, and neutralize allergy triggers.