Odor Removal Service

Plainfield Carpet CleaningSo far the only solutions to odors were diligent cleaning or hours of ozone treatment.  There is a third, better solution.  Our OMG Sanitized process does a better job in less time using a spray/mist system that literally touches every square inch of the facility with a unique hydrogen peroxide process.

We can treat carpet-bound odors, problem areas, sanitize air ducts, and provide the assurance that the problem is gone or retreatment is free of charge.  We know how to deal with some of the problems we all hate to endure.  Odors are nature's way of telling us that there is a problem and a potential health threats.  After all, would you eat food that smells foul?

Cleaning is the starting point for any odor issue, but rarely enough.  Odors must be treated at the source.  So, pet odors are not just on the surface, but may be deep in carpet, padding, furniture, drapes, and even hidden in the dust of the air ducts.  That is why even carpet cleaning is not enough to solve pet odor problems.

it helps to know that the treatment uses a biodegradable solution that leaves no toxic residue.  And, the misting process does more than remove odors.  It sanitizes all surfaces, strips allergens from the air, kills mold and mildew, and neutralizes chemical residue.  So, not only are the odors eliminated, but the indoor air quality is clean and healthy.