Getting Odor & Insects out of the Carpet

Carpet Cleaning productDuring my college years, I did own a carpet cleaning business.  So, I have some background in carpet cleaning, but the industry have grown considerably from those does.  The OMG treatment does many tasks amazingly well, so I decided to clean the hallway carpet that has a beaten and dark path from constant traffic over the years.  I do not have the professional equipment that I prefer.  

So, I presprayed the area with our OMG product and let with work for a bit.  I also worked the solution in with a carpet brush.  I then rinsed the carpet with plain water with a Bissel carpet cleaning vacuum.  Yes, this was very homebrew.  But, the results were outstanding.  I took a picture hoping that others could see the results.  I should have thought to take a picture before, but there is a big difference.

The technique transfer quite easily to any carpet cleaning process.  Prespray with the OMG solution, let it work, then clean the carpet.  I believe the results will be quite remarkable.  The product does several things beyond cleaning.  The OMG product eliminates odors, kills mold and mildew, breaks up biofilms, and detoxifies chemical residue.  The treatment seems to brighten the colors, and the pile is standing up after a week of normal activity.

But, there is more...

Heavily treat pet urine spots with the OMG spray to get the deep down odors.  

If the application is the Arthro version, this treatment will kill dust mites, biting mites, fleas, and chiggers.  And, it does all this without adding toxins to the room.  The OMG product is biodegradable and beneficial to people with allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities.

And, there is even more ...

Odors and problems are not simply hidden in the carpet.  The OMG process treats every square in of carpet, walls, furniture in the house/building with a non-threatening process.  A comprehensive service should do more than clean the carpet, in my opinion.  Cleaning only the carpet and neglecting the rest of the house is like washing your feet instead of taking a bath.  A good idea, but not good enough for proper hygiene.

We recommend carpet services step up their service to a whole house treatment.  Since they are already there, the extra work is minimal.  Pre-treating the carpet will help the job turn out better, and post-treating the rest of the house should be a simple and smart service that truly delivered a clean, odor-free, and sanitized facility.