Earn the OMG Sanitized Door Seal

Sanitized FacilityThe public does care about the safety of their food, the smells in your bathrooms, the cleaning of the Day Care, or the disease prevention of your restaurant, school, gym, or medical office.  Of course, there is no way to verify that a serious effort is made to prevent the spread of disease or provide a healthy environment.  Until now....

The OMG Sanitized door seal is voluntary way to beefing up the cleaning and sanitizing process.  It helps distinguish businesses that go the extra mile for customers.  Cleaning is always a good idea, but it is faulty.  If the staff cleans, they are rushed to get the job done and close up.  This is probably the worst time to clean, but it is necessary.

What everyone thinks of as a sanitizing product can be very misleading.  Read the labels to discover that every sanitizing product needs 8-10 minutes "Wet on the Surface" to reach that 99.9% killing power.  Well, Decon Five has a 99.99999% germ killing power and it is applied professionally to assure that the facility has a periodic sanitizing program that really works.

Decon Five is done with your staff cleaning program as an important "Safety Net" for customer protection.  Decon Five not only kills bacteria and virus, it also kills mold, mildew, algae, and fungus that can be yet another they of health concern.

And, Decon Five clears the air of chemical residue, VOCs, and even incidental drug use that no one knows about.

Rules for a Safe and Healthy BuildingFor restaurants, Decon Five is EPA registered as safe for use in food preparation and food serving areas.  As a "No Touch" process as a spray/mist application, there is no cross-contamination; so we treat bathrooms, eating areas, backrooms, and all hard-to-reach areas.

We offer three basic steps to earn the OMG Sanitize award for your building.  

Step #1 is our easy online training program  We provide simple, basic training for your staff that is 100% online so your ever-changing staff can be schooled on the "Best Practices" for a safe and healthy building.  

Step #2 is our posted guide that serves to promote the best ideas for a health business environment.  And, we are able to act as a backup to the training program.  With the ever changing staff, we know that the cleaning program can become very neglected and even embarrassing.

Step #3 is our monthly "Quality Assurance" program that allows our team to sanitize the facility from top to bottom with the amazingly effective OMG Sanitized process.  Even if your regular workers aren't 100% faithful in their duties, our program acts like a safety net or quality assurance that your facility is a safe and healthy environment.  Essentially, we get your building back to a neutral position after a month of activity.

We know that your staff or your cleaning service is time-driven and lacks the diligence to full sanitize the facility.  Odd odors are your first warning that your cleaning program is not adequate.  But, know that even clean building can be a transfer source for germs.  So, gyms, day cares, workplace, and restaurants may be clean but allowing diseases to spread.

OMG Sanitized fills in the gaps of your cleaning program, protects your reputation and social media concerns, and helps prevent the spread of disease.  Our process also eliminates all types of odors, removes pollution and allergens from the air, and even kills mold and mildew on contact.  The difference is must amazing, but the important fact is the the OMG Sanitized seal on the door is great advertising that you care and assurance your customers won't regret their last visit.