The Ozone Business Improved

The Ozone Business ImprovedThere are a number of ozone services that have used ozone for years.  The idea of adding a spray solution may seem like an insult to the odor removal service, but it shouldn't.  To be honest, every ozone service already has several "other products" that haul around.  So, the question is what if there was a perfect partner to ozone that would eliminate ten different chemical products used to treat ten different problems?

If you are in the ozone business, you should take a look at Decon Five.  This is a spray version of ozone.  In fact, Decon Five is a liquid oxidizer; and ozone is a gaseous oxidizer.  But, Decon Five is delivered in a more intimate way.  We fog or spray it on all types of surfaces.  So, here's the deal.  Decon Five is both a pre-treatment for bad problems, or it is a post-treatment to make sure the job is done to the maximum extent.

Ozone is topical.  It fills the air and touches the surfaces, but does not get into fabric, carpets, or drapes as well as the spray version.  Ozone cannot be applied for spot treatments like a spray.  But, more importantly; ozone is time-consuming.  So, the question is if we can shorten the ozone time, BUT still improve the quality of the job?  Like a boxer, the fight goes better with two hands than one; and Decon Five is a fantastic second or first punch.  

Odor removal services should be concerned for the time on the job and the success they produce.  After all, what family or workplace wants to be displaced for hours while the job is done.  There are some services running ozone for 6, 8, and 12 hours to get the job done.  With Decon Five, no ozone treatment needs to go more than four hours, and often less than that.

The good news is that most ozone services already have a ULV fogger, so they have no more equipment to buy ... or maintain.  Second, the post treatment knocks the ozone smell and strips the air of particles, pollen, spores, and pollution.  Ozone doesn't do much to clean the air of particles.  So, the double punch is pretty impressive.

And, there are jobs that Decon Five can do much quicker and better than ozone.  One example is treating mold infestation.  This EPA Registered product kills mold an mildew on contact, and the mist neutralizes mold spores and pulls them out of the air.  And Decon Five is a fantastic sanitizing treatment that can be easily applied in quick response to spreading infections, or to sanitize a school, day care, or gym in relatively short order.

The bottom line is that we have the perfect augment for anyone in the odor removal or ozone business, and available only through professional serrvices.  If you have an odor removal service or are thinking about starting one, we have the combination that works extremely well, and the marketing all done with OMG Sanitized.

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