Maximum Cleaning with Decon Five

Super Cleaning ProductOne of the incredible tools we use for our service is the best All-in-One cleaning product ever.  We think of it as a Super Good Cleaner.  We can apply is broadly with a ULV fogger, foam it on big problem areas, and even treat local areas with a simple spray bottle.

This product has a myriad of uses as an All-in-One product.  It is an Odor Removal product, an effective Decontamination product, Mold Killer, and neutralizes VOCs and chemical residue.  That alone is an amazing set of benefits, but we are too quickly passing up one the the core elements of this product.  OMG Sanitizing uses a cleaning solution that goes well beyond typical cleaners.  Time and time again, our Super Good Cleaning product have penetrated hard-to-remove film and lifted off dirt from what seemed to be clean surfaces.

In one example, an apartment has a strong curry smell.  The carpets had been cleaning, and the whole apartment was cleaned by a professional service.  But, the curry smell remained, making the apartment hard to rent.  We cleaned the kitchen cabinets, surfaces, range hood, etc with our Super Good Cleaning product.  The towels literally loaded up with the orange curry color that the cleaning service could not reach.

The service used the same product to fog the apartment, including the air ducts.  And, the problem was solved!

We find that using Super Good Cleaner in something as simple as a spray bottle on mist breaks hard-to-remove films other cleaning product cannot.  We can add the same product to the carpet extractor and clean carpets better than a professional service.  In addition, the carpet is deodorized, decontaminated, and cleaner than ever before.

We put our Super Good Cleaning product in a foaming sprayer and treat mild and mildew to immediately kill mold, mildew, algae, and fungus.  We can foam a smoke-yellowed wall to melt the film and destroy the embedded odors that would otherwise last for years.

And, we use this product in a ULV fogger to sweep the air to remove pollen, spores, VOCs, and chemical residue in a Detoxification and Decontamination process.  This product will denature blood, body fluids, and protein spills so they are not an active threat.  

Yet, this Super Good Cleaning, Sanitizing, Mold Killing, Detoxification product is biodegradable and leaves no toxic residue.  When there is a biofilm or film that other products do not remove, we find that the treatment of our Super Good Cleaning product will break up the film and may seem tacky.  This means we need to clean that area with more diligence.  If the area will be used for food preparation or as an eating area, rinse the newly-cleaned surface with a light mix of vinegar and water.  Our Super Good Cleaner is 100% soluble in water, but we want to avoid any taste issue after a thorough cleaning.