Property Management Odor Problems

Property Management Odor RemovalEvery property management firm knows the agony of getting vacant property ready for the next family.  It is rare that the property has been well cared for.  More than likely, the apartment or condo hasn't been properly cleaned, holds bad smells, and may even have mold.   

Before you paint over the walls in the hope that new paint will forever hide a multitude of sins, stains, and smells; solve the problems before you paint.  Paint only traps the odors for a while, but makes it very hard to fully remediate.  Do not use paint as an odor solution until the real work of cleaning, sanitizing, and odor mitigation has been done.


OMG can replace the hassle of multiple contracts, scheduling appointments, and deliver an odor-free, sanitized, and ready-to-rent apartment or condo with just one call/

OMG stands for "Odors, Mold, and Germs".  So, one of the big advantages is clearing out odors that will discourage new prospective tenants.  Odors can be organic, chemical, and odd spills ... including pet urine.  

Hard-to-solve odor problems can be curry smell will not resolve with normal cleaning.  OMG Sanitized will outline the steps to make even the smell of curry a non-issue.  Pet odors and cigarette smoke smell are the other problem odor issues OMG sanitized can solve.

Carpet Cleaning, Deep Cleaning Service, paint (when needed), Odor Removal, Sanitized, and Ready to Rent

OMG Sanitized not only treats every square inch of the apartment, condo, or house.  We also can treat the air ducts that are often the forgotten source of stale or odd odors.  Air ducts exchange the air in the rooms on a 24/7 basis, and are rarely cleaned.  Even if the air ducts do not have much more than a small amount of dust, they also have a film that traps and holds odors.

Locate an OMG Sanitized approved service in your area by clicking the SERVICE CENTER at the top of this page.  Why calls a half-dozen contractors when you can call Aaron at OMG Sanitized and get the complete turnover service in just ONE DAY?  Aaron's cell is (815) 280-3780