Real Estate Odors

Why ignore the fact that every house has a smell.  Some smells are enough to kill the sale.  Smell is a primitive sense, and ties directly to our "Accept or Reject" responses.  We know from our dating years that smells turn on or turn off people we hope to impress.  Have you ever run into someone with an awful cologne or perfume that makes you want to get away ... far away?

Pet odors, smoke smell, cooking odors, and mold and mildew scent are like red warning flags that tell people to "Get Away".  

Make it a standard practice to fully decontaminate, deodorize, and detoxify any vacant real estate or apartment for rent.  And, please don't paint over odors ... trapping them for a decade of stale smoke smell.  Treat every vacant real estate or apartment with OMG Sanitizing to make sure your best candidates don't go elsewhere.