The Odor Removal Business

The Odor Removal ServiceThere is a surge of service provider businesses that may be most easily seen by the recent popularity of franchises like ServPro, Service Master, and Puroclean to name a few.  The odor removal business is just one sector of the remediation type services that are popping up in every city.

In addition to odor removal, there are flood and fire restoration services, mold remediation services, and air duct cleaning services that demonstrate the expanding opportunities for professional services.

We can readily understand that the odor removal is just one aspect of what a proactive service business can offer.  Even carpet cleaning services are adding air duct cleaning, odor removal, and wall washing.   

So, we see odor removal as a ground floor opportunity that can branch in many directions.  That is because once you look into the services that the residential and commercial customers routinely need, you will find dozens of jobs that need your help as well.

Think, for example, about veterinary clinic, animal boarding, or pet shelters.  Odors are a real issue, but an even more difficult issue is the spread of diseases.    

The odor removal business is a good entry-level into the service business that can grow into a much larger business.  When following the OMG Sanitized program, the ability to get started and succeed are greatly improved.

Decon Five and OMG Sanitized represent the latest and best version of the odor removal business.  Why?  Because Decon Five does so much more in one effective and efficient treatment.  Rarely has the indoor air quality is radically improved in more ways than neutralized foul odors.  Decon Five does eliminate all types of odors.  It also kills mold and mildew on contact.  

Decon Five strips the air of particle, toxins, and pollution.  In fact, Decon Five is approved for use in HVAC systems and air ducts.  So, the treatment can be immensely effective.  Decon Five is an oxidizer with power equal or better than ozone, and it can be delivered in about an hour instead of a four to six hour ozone treatment.