What is that Awful Smell?

That Awful SmellThe sense of smell is a primitive sense that is link to our instinctual behavior.  Odors are like warning signs and sirens in the real world.  Foul and horrible smells warn us that something bad is nearby, and your health may be at risk.  Mold, mildew, sewage, rot, and festering garbage are disgusting smells.  With rare exceptions, bad odors evoke a revulsion at our core.

Treating odors starts with cleaning, but cleaning may not be enough for bad odors.  Professional services use environmentally-safe solutions that are applied at target areas and generally throughout the building.  Effectively solving odor problems is a special service that takes training, experience, and special tools.  OMG Sanitized has the training and tools to remove odors and restore normalcy to your life.