Workplace Detoxification & Decontamination

Workplace IllnessStudies have shown that about 30-40% of buildings are toxic or semi-toxic.  But, other studies show that more than 80% of all building have workers that complain of workplace illness or reactions.  The truth is that every office workplace is the repository of harsh cleaning products, pesticides, mold problems, bacteria, virus, VOCs, and poolution.

We think that cleaning is enough, but it isn't.  There is a big difference between taking out the trash and removing dust and dirt than environmental threats.  We suggest that every building needs an annual WDD (Workplace Detoxification and Decontamination).

Starting with a normally-clean building, we treat every square inch with our service that safely removes and neutralizes the threats to employee health.  Our program is comprehensive and is similar to how many laboratories provide a safe work environment.

The OMG team does their work after-hours so your normal routine is not disturbed.  More than a cleaning service, we provide an intensive program using the proprietary products from NeoSan Labs.  By the next day, your workers return to a safe and non-toxic workplace that should provide immediate benefits.

Toxic workplaces increase absenteeism and medical claims.  Polluted workplaces can cause worker fatigue, lethargy, and even become the cause OSHA complaint.  New OSHA and DOL rules will bring serious regulatory enforcement that now functioning business wants.

Aaron Richmond is trained and certified to deliver the approved Workplace Detoxification and Decontamination program.  (815) 280-3728