Mold Inspection, Flood Recovery, Odor Removal

Joliet Mold Inspection

A professional mold inspection is more a chance for a salesman to show up to make the assessment.  At OMG Sanitized, we believe in a fair and professional mold inspection using the meters, tools, and years of experience to provide a honest assessment.  Some mold issues are easily solved, others are more hidden and concerning, and may have intrusive health threats.

As an OSHA trained inspector, we also understand the health issues that may come from a variety of indoor air quality issues.  Mold problems can damage your house, and some mold can also affect your health.  This is why we see each inspection and remediation process as a building and a health concern.

Mold RemovalThink of mold as a silent enemy that destroys your home, harms your health, and never goes away until it is professionally removed.  Given enough time, mold will turn your house into a nightmare of rotten wood and moldy odors that may be harmful to your health.  The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Our treatment is a complete and effective process.  Remember, there are no shortcuts when dealing with mold remediation.  The Decon Five application includes a lasting mildewstat that inhibits new mold growth for up to three years.  Our services also include sanitizing, odor elimination, and a detoxification process as well.  We are dedicated to making your home or business safe and germ-free for improving your quality of life.

Toxic OfficeOdors, Mold, and Germs are constant threats to your health.  Let OMG Sanitized provide our Complete D&D (Detoxify and Decontaminate).  Toxic environments come with odd odors, toxic residue, and invisible pollutant threats. Our program offers a complete treatment that sanitizes every square inch of your home or workplace.

Another reason why OMG is having positive results with our customers is due to the efficiency of our service.  Instead of hours, many jobs take only one to two hours.  This means you can return to your normal duties in a few hours knowing that your mini-disaster is completely solved and without any harmful chemicals being used in the process.  Our service even improves the indoor air quality for those clients with asthma, allergies, or chemical sensitivities.  Most people are relieved to discover that the ambient threats to their enjoyment of life have been resolved in such a short period of time.

Toxic Cleaning chemicalsThe OMG Sanitized treatment includes a broad-spectrum decontamination process and a touch-free sanitizing process that prevents cross-contamination. We can prevent the spreading of environmental threats with a single treatment, and keep students, workers, and patrons from missing work or school.

Do not mistake simple cleaning for sanitizing. Instead of using multiple products for multiple problems, OMG solves problems on many levels including removal of the biofilm that hides pathogens.  We remove the barriers that other products cannot.

Add this treatment to your cleaning program to provide a safety net for your customers. Reach every problem area without the trouble of scrubbing or using less effective products that will not kill germs up to 99.9999999%.

Detoxify your HomeThe Invisible Threat

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be an invisible threat to your health and happiness.  The indoor air often contains far more toxic elements than most can believe.  VOCs and TICs are various types of gases that work 24/7 by compromising your immune system.  Over the years, they have the ability to shorten your lifespan.

Particle contaminants are pollen, mold spores, chemical residues, ash, dirt, insect parts, insect feces, dust mites, bacteria, and much more.  The OMG Sanitized literally detoxifies the air and removes these threats that can have negative health effects.

But still, there is more.  Our specialized treatments are also being used for decontaminating homes and businesses for post-fire damage, smoke damage, and flood problems.

OMG Sanitized is a professional treatment that brings the indoor environment back to a neutral and safe condition.  This is an All-in-One treatment that hits at every level of environmental concern that is a powerful safety net for the health of your office, gym, school, home, or medical building.